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Expat Insurance

Working and living in the Netherlands amounts to an exciting time to look forward to. A new environment, with new people to meet and new memories to make. But also, it means dealing with laws, regulations and the Dutch language. And because this part can prove to be quite overwhelming, we offer you our unique Expat Insurance.

The benefits of our Expat Insurance:

  • Tailor-made solutions for foreign professionals
  • English speaking advisors
  • Independent advice offered by professionals who know the field
  • Our team looks forward to helping you any way they can!

The risks you run

A good insurance protects you against unnecessary – and possibly costly – financial risks. Like the risk of valuable belongings getting stolen or possibly getting damaged in a fire, or the risk of personal liability.

And have you considered the consequences of urgently having to travel back home, because of a family emergency such as illness of a family-member? Most of your current insurances are not likely to cover these costs, as they are related to a long-term stay in a foreign country.

That is why we offer the most complete solution available in the market: the Expat Policy for Foreign Professionals in the Netherlands.

Coverage chosen for you, by you

What differentiates our solutions from other insurances is that you can hand-pick the covered risks, choosing from six different insurances (with a minimum of two).

Insurances to choose from:

  • Personal Liability
    Accidents are easy to cause but, in some cases, difficult to recover from – especially if you are held responsible for damages. This insurance covers the costs of damage you (or a member of your family) accidentally cause to a third party.
  • Household Contents
    An insurance to cover the risk of theft of, or damage to, your properties kept at your temporary home.
  • Continuous Travel
    This insurance covers the risk of theft, accidents during your journey back and forth. Evacuation and repatriation are included, an insurance for cancellation (which refunds your expenses if your trip is cancelled for an unexpected reason, such as illness) is optional. This insurance covers your personal trips as well as your business trips throughout the year.
  • Personal accidents
    Large accidents can lead to disastrous results, such as permanent disability or in some cases death. This insurance pays out a lump-sum in case you (or a member of your family) is involved in such an accident.
  • Personal Legal Assistance
    Dutch legislation is complex even for those who have mastered the language and can prove especially overwhelming to those who didn’t. This insurance offers you the certainty of legal advice and assistance under many different circumstances
  • GoudaService Package
    A unique insurance not available anywhere else, the GoudaService-package covers the cost of bringing your close relatives to the Netherlands in case of illness or accidents – and vice versa.


Our additional insurances

Car Insurance

In the Netherlands it is mandatory to have a car insurance for third party liability. Extended coverage for damage to the driven vehicle is optional.

There are three options for insuring a vehicle in the Netherlands:

  • Third party liability (Dutch: WA): This insurance covers damage to third parties involved in an accident; excluding damages to your car, yourself and your possessions. This insurance is mandatory for each driver.
  • Restricted comprehensive cover (Dutch: WA + mini casco): This covers damage as described above, with additional cover for damages such as fire, lightning, theft, explosions, storm and broken windscreens. However, damages to your own car resulting from an accident are not covered.
  • All Risk Insurance (Dutch: Volledig Casco): The most secure insurance covers most things that could happen whilst driving a car, including damages to you and your vehicle, even you caused the accident yourself.

In the event of an accident, each party fills in a report and sends it to their respective insurance company. The form available is the same for each company and drivers are advised to keep a form (together with the insurance documents) in the vehicle at all times.

Dutch car insurances offer a no-claim premium discount, which increases with every year without damages. Discounts up to 75 percent are possible.

We are happy to help you with more information or to help you find the type of car insurance that fits you best. Please contact us to find out more.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory for almost everyone working or living in the Netherlands.


Expats from outside the EU, EEA or Switzerland must take out Dutch health insurance within four months of receiving their residence permit (even if they have an existing foreign policy).

EU, EEA or Swiss nationals who are working in the Netherlands must take out Dutch health insurance within four months of registering at their city hall.

International students

International students are not always obliged to take out Dutch health insurance. Whether they are required to or not depends on several factors, including the duration of their stay, if they are doing an internship (or working), and whether they have insurance in their home country.

Health insurance options for foreign students

For foreign student there are three main health insurance options:

  • Private healthcare insurance from your country of origin
  • Dutch health insurance.
  • Have an EU Health Insurance Card if you are an EU citizen.

If you wish to have an offer for a Dutch Health Insurance, please contact us.

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